Brazen talent speed dating

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Cons: Candidates can join the conversation for more than one chat per session.In some cases, this prevents long wait times for people we haven't engaged with yet.Pros: I like how easy it is to create a landing page and highlight the opportunities our company has available.It's a new way of connecting potential candidates with Recruiters.Pros: I like the easy of use for the chat feature when we hold events.

Overall: We have been able to connect with a very large number of candidates for job openings, internal employee engagements and information sessions.

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It gives companies the opportunity to Recruit virtually without spending thousands of dollars on an in-person event. Pros: Ease of use, ability to chat for short times and add time if you like, non-invasive, can direct candidates to apply, can add hiring managers to the chat room.

Cons: Sometimes if you have intermittent internet connectivity issues, you cannot chat and it can become confusing for the candidate. Pros: It is an easy way to communicate with potential candidates.

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