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While still young, Chris used to tune into soul melody before having an interest in hip-hop music.In 2002, a civic production studio, Hit mission Records, ascertained the youngster’s talent at a garage and later aided him with a voice skipper program to enhance his voice. Chris Brown is going to live forever in our hearts. chris brown real name is christopher maurice brown. Chris Brown is always going to be famous even after he is dead.In January 2016, the TMZ Magazine claimed that Nia accused that Chris is not only a bad influence on Royalty but was making her sick causing Asthma.

He was raised in a peculiar hometown of Tappahannock, Virginia together with his older sister known as Lytrell Bundy Brown. by the way chris brown is the cutest boy singer i ever seen. Chris Brown is a rapper,singer,actor,songwriter and dancer.Chris Brown is a singer not a dancer but George Samson is a dancer and a bit of a singer so if you think Chris is better than George thank that's what you think but if it is the other way round it is what you think.He lived a perplexed childhood after his folks got separated and his mother remarried an offensive man.Having a passion for music, Chris had to quit pursuing in Essex High School to continue with his musical career in New York.

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