Ae dating manual

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Like the earlier models, the New F-1 takes FD-mount lenses.

Although no date has ever been confirmed, it is thought that the last New F-1 was still being made in 1992.

Both units also have a second shutter release for vertical format shooting, and a subtractive frame counter.

Only the AE Motor Drive FN has a motorized film rewind (therefore when using the AE Power Winder FN it is not necessary to remove the Rewind Coupler cover from the bottom of the camera).

Both units add the possibility of shutter-priority auto exposure mode by setting the lens's aperture ring to 'A'.

The aperture needle disappears from the meter display, and the meter needle indicates what aperture the AE system has selected.

The normal meter display to the right of the through-the-lens (TTL) image disappears from the viewfinder, and a different meter display appears below the TTL image, which indicates which shutter speed the AE system has chosen.

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Aperture-priority AE is available by attaching the optional AE Finder FN.

Also, shutter-priority mode is optionally available when using either AE Motor Drive FN or AE Power Winder FN . It consists of interchangeable viewfinders, focusing screens, motor drives, and alternate backs, all of which are specific to the New F-1.

The new screen is pressed into place, and the finder put back on.

There are two different motorized film advance units in the New F-1 system: the AE Power Winder FN, and the AE Motor Drive FN.

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