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He was a capo in the Chicago Outfit, an organized crime syndicate, and oversaw the syndicate's labor racketeering efforts.

He was also known as "Little Tim Murphy," a reference to Timothy "Big Tim" Murphy, a Chicago mobster and labor racketeer (also well known for his close ties to the Teamsters) whom the Chicago Outfit feared and subsequently murdered in 1928.

On each, I told parts and pieces of my story of being blindsided by infidelity and how I found healing from the horror of betrayal."Witt" Hanley, secretary-treasurer of the Produce, Fresh & Frozen Fruits & Vegetables, Fish, Butter, Eggs, Cheese & Poultry Drivers Union, Local 703, IBT.In 1940, Hanley brought Glimco to see Dominic Abata, founder of the taxi drivers' division of Local 777, IBT (which represented many Chicago taxicab drivers).By 1930, he had become an established "labor slugger," assaulting or threatening to assault union members or employers in order to help organized crime gain control of labor unions.Soon thereafter, Glimco became a protégé of William J.

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