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After six months, my boyfriend is really the most amazing person I know, and it’s thanks to LDO.

I know a lot of people don’t like that you only get a certain number of matches, but I really liked it. I also really like the filters, because why waste your time going out on dates and questioning someone’s political agenda beforehand.

We want to revolutionize senior dating and online dating by offering quality conversations with genuine people.

100% of our profiles are verified and we have a key focus on fun and adventure.

Hey there, thanks for your feedback, I'll be sure to let the Product Team know that you would like to see more genders.

Your personal data is securely stored on Lumen - be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions:https:// So what are you waiting for? perhaps putting a shirt on in your selfie’s, having decent light, comb your hair, get in a Pleasant environment And for god sake’s, smile.

And our app is designed to encourage meaningful conversations.

Lumen is free to download and use, however if you’re looking to get the most from Lumen, you can subscribe to our optional subscription product Lumen Premium.

And a couple that looked kinda like serial killers.

Probably very nice guys, just clueless about how to present themselves.

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